"Gateway to the Saginaw Bay"

Water Supply Improvements Project Status

The City of Essexville solicited and received bids for the installation of a water transmission line from the new water treatment plant in Bangor Essexville.

At its March 14, 2017 regular meeting the City Council awarded contracts for the project to DVM Utilities Inc. of Sterling Heights, MIchigan in the amount of $1,598,172.20 and Rhode Brothers Excavating of Saginaw in the amount of $1,763,400.00.

DVM Utilities Inc. is the contractor who installed the forcemain under the Saginaw River to connect Essexville's wastewater pump station to the West Bay County Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2011.

DVM is responsible for the section of the pipe from City Hall to Patterson Road and Rhode Brothers from Patterson Road to the new Water Treatment Plant

It is anticipated that both contractors will begin work in eary May.

Route Map