Officials, Staff and Department Directory

All Administrators, Departments and the City Council receive mail at City Hall at the address below:

Essexville City Hall
1107 Woodside Avenue
Essexville, MI  48732-1236

Note:  All correspondence, such as emails, faxes or letters, sent to City staff or officials is considered a public record and available for public and media review.

Regular Office Hours (Monday-Friday):
City Hall – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Department of Public Works – 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone Numbers:
City Hall – 989-893-0772
Fax: 989-892-3452
Dept. of Public Safety – 989-892-2541
Fax: 989-892-3452
Dept. of Public Works – 989-893-6101
Fax: 989-894-2172
Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance) 911

Elected Officials and Administrative Staff

City Council  (Click the links to send an email)

Scott WittbrodtMayor  (989-895-5761)**
Tim  Weiler,  Mayor Pro tem (989-893-1345)**
Jennifer Gradowski, (989-860-8980)**
Adam Hughes,  (989-992-3473)**
John Kustuch,   (989-9737)**
Dennis Rondeau,   (989-894-2076)**
Russell Tanner,  (989-893-8664)**

**Home phone number

Administrative Staff

Dan Hansford, City Manager   (989-893-7192)
Sarah J. Wilcox, City Clerk   (989-893-0772)
Fran DeWyse, City Treasurer/Assessor   (989-893-2441)
Anne Norman, Administrative Assistant   (989-893-7192)


Department of Public Safety

William Gutzwiller Sr., Director   (989-892-2541)
Non-emergency Police and Fire Services  (989-892-2541)
Emergency Dial 911


Department of Public Works/Wastewater Treatment

Public Works Office/Maintenance Garage (989-893-6101)Emergency (Weekends and after hours) Dial 911
Wastewater Pump Station  (989-894-0553)


Protective Inspections

Call (989-893-0772) for all services or the cell numbers below

Joseph DeWyse, Building (989-545-0434 cell)
Ken Kaczmarek, Electrical (989-239-6853 cell)
Jon Morse, Plumbing/Mechanical  (989-239-0443 cell)