Construction Codes

Contact Code Officials

Joseph DeWyse, Building Inspector
989-893-0772 (City Hall), 989-545-0434 (Cell)

Ken Kaczmarek, Electrical Inspector
989-239-6853 (City Hall), 989-239-6583 (Cell)

Jon Morse, Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector
989-893-0772 (City Hall), 989-239-0433 (Cell)

Note: All correspondence, such as emails, faxes or letters, sent to City staff or officials is considered a public record and available for public and media review.

Construction Code Information

The City of Essexville provides building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspection services pursuant to authority granted under state law, specially Act 230, PA 1972 as amended, commonly known as the “State Construction Code Act of 1972”.

The Building, Plumbing/Mechanical and Electrical Inspectors do not have regular office hours. Inspections are scheduled by appointment.

The City of Essexville enforces the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Codes pursuant to the State Construction Code Act and the International Fire Code all as amended from time to time.