The City of Essexville

General Characteristics

The City of Essexville is best described today as a bedroom community.  Essexville is primarily a residential community whose residents commute to job opportunities within the Saginaw-Bay City-Midland region.

Essexville’s neighborhoods and residential properties are well maintained with over 85% of single family homes owner occupied.

The Woodside Avenue Business District has a collection of convenience and specialty businesses.  The Saginaw River waterfront within the City of Essexville is utilized for bulk storage of petroleum products, cement, stone, agricultural products.  Essexville is the closest port to the Saginaw Bay.



Essexville became a Council-Manager form of government in 1958.  The City Charter was amended in 1999 and 2011.
K-12 Schools Essexville/Hampton School District  CollegesDelta College   Saginaw Valley State University
General administrative services are provided through the offices of the City Manager, City Clerk and City Treasurer.
Police, fire and emergency medical services are provided through the Department of Public Safety.
General municipal services and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure are provided through the Department of Public Works.



Geographic area:  1.41 square miles (land: 1.3 square miles; water: 0.11 square miles)  Located on the Saginaw River.
Population:  3,218 (2020 US Census)
Housing:  1,527 housing units
Median Housing Value:  $84,084 (estimated 2011)
Median Household Income:  $48,535 (estimated 2011)