Saginaw River Cleanup

Regional Collaboration to Protect and Cleanup the Saginaw River

A partnership that included the City of Essexville, Hampton Charter Township and the Road Commission for Bay County which represented all municipal owners of the West Bay County Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WBCRTP) completed a multi-year $32 million environmental improvement project in 2011 that encompassed:

  • the demolition of Essexville’s aging wastewater treatment plant, construction of a pumping facility and connecting Essexville’s sanitary sewer collection system to the WBCRTP; and
  • connecting Hampton Township’s sanitary sewer collection system to the WBCRTP and the construction of new pump stations and other improvements to the township’s sewer collection system; and 
  • the construction of significant improvements to the WBCRTP including additional capacity for the treatment of wastewater and excess storm water detention, retention and treatment.

This significant environmental improvement project has all but eliminated combined sewer overflows to the Saginaw River from the City of Essexville and provided improved management, operation and environmental sustainability for the region’s wastewater collection and treatment systems. 

Resources to Learn More About Protecting our Environment

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Bay County Drain Office and the Bay Area Storm Water Authority (BASWA) publish and make available to the public literature and guidance regarding environmental stewardship.

Environmental Assistance Bulletin   Materials Banned From Landfills  How To Keep Our Rivers Clean  

Teaching About the Environment (BASWA)   How to Report an Illicit Discharge  Recycling And Composting.